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Testing the Boundaries of the Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act
21/09/2018 / 1:00 pm

In this BILA Lecture, Peter Macdonald Eggers QC will discuss Testing the Boundaries of the Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act

The presentation will consider the major issues which have arisen under the 1930 Act and still arise under the 2010 Act, in light of recent decisions, including Cultural Foundation v Beazley (2018).

War Risks Cover - The Drugs Don't Work
26/07/2018 / 1:00 pm

In this BILA lecture, Philppa Hopkins QC and David Walsh of Essex Court Chambers will examine the recent Supreme Court decision in Navigators Insurance Company Limited & ors v Atlasnavios – Navegação LDA (The “B Atlantic”) [2018] UKSC 26

Philippa Hopkins QC and David Walsh of Essex Court Chambers will examine the recent Supreme Court decision in Navigators Insurance Company Limited & ors v Atlasnavios – Navegação LDA (The “B Atlantic”) [2018] UKSC 26, in which the Court held that war risks underwriters were not liable for the total loss of the “B Atlantic”, which had been confiscated by the Venezuelan authorities after cocaine was found attached to her hull. They will consider the Supreme Court’s treatment of the malicious act peril and the infringement of customs regulations exclusion, and they will reflect on the implications of the case for the market.

No limits? Non-party costs orders against insurers
20/07/2018 / 1:00 pm

In this BILA Lecture, Alison Padfield QC will discuss Non-party costs orders against insurers/Senior Courts Act 1981, s 51(3)

In this lecture, Alison Padfield QC will explain and discuss non-party costs orders against insurers:

• The courts’ jurisdiction to make costs orders against non-parties under s 51(3) of the Senior Courts Act 1981
• Situations where liability or legal expenses insurers may be at risk of non-party costs
• The impact of policy limits
• Non-party costs and the Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Acts 1930 and 2010
• The insurer’s conduct and the incurring of costs
• Recent case-law including Travelers v XYZ [2018] EWCA Civ 1099 (liability insurers) and Herridge v Parker & Allianz [2014] Lloyd’s Rep IR 177 (legal expenses insurers)

Too Big To Fail?
02/07/2018 / 3:00 pm

The combination of Brexit, high-profile corporate collapses, data breaches and State inference in elections and National Security may seem like a perfect storm waiting to happen. Join BILA on 2 July for a discussion of the legal and insurance issues involved.

The event will be divided into three panel sessions :

• Corporate failure
• Infrastructure failure
• Financial services failure

Direct Rights of Action/Anti-Suit Injunctions
15/06/2018 / 1:00 pm

In this BILA lecture, David Lewis QC and Oliver Caplin will discuss the direct rights of action/anti-suit injunctions

Opportunities for U.K. based ILS issuers under new U.K. ILS legislation
18/05/2018 / 1:00 pm

Summary of the key aspects of the new legislation
● Structures available to UK issuers
● Initial practical experience of the new regime
● Some of the differences between UK and other regimes
● Market opportunities

Latin American Jurisdictions - A discussion of global insurance programmes and the challenges they present.
20/04/2018 / 1:00 pm

Christopher Cardona (HFW London) and Geoffrey Conlin (HFW Paulo) will use their experience of Latin American jurisdictions to inform a discussion of global insurance programmes and the challenges they present.

BILA Lecture Single Claims Agreement Party (SCAP)
19/03/2018 / 9:00 am

This month, the London market launched the Single Claims Agreement Party model (“SCAP”). This is a ground-breaking agreement which is the product of collaboration between the London and International Insurance Brokers Association (“LIIBA”), the Lloyd’s Market Association (“LMA”) and the International Underwriting Association (“IUA”). SCAP is an agreement between insurers which will allow a single London market underwriter, whether in the Lloyd’s or company market, to agree claims on behalf of all underwriters subscribing to a slip on the same terms, whether they are in the Lloyd’s market, the company market or overseas.

In this talk, Simon Cooper of Ince & Co will discuss the structure, scope and operation of the SCAP as well as some of the issues and challenges that arose in drafting this important new agreement.

Simon is a partner in the insurance & reinsurance group of Ince & Co LLP. with over 32 years’ experience. Simon’s practice focuses on all aspects of insurance and reinsurance and he heads our cyber group. He is experienced in all forms of dispute resolution and in working with lawyers in many jurisdictions as well as coordinating multi-jurisdictional projects on clients’ behalf.

Simon is a member of the IUA Clauses Subcommittee and also edited the second edition of ‘Reinsurance Practice & the Law’ as well as writing and lecturing frequently.

“experienced and clear in his advice, providing expert knowledge on issues within the insurance and reinsurance markets”

legal 500 UK

Professional Standards and the Insurance Profession
15/03/2018 / 1:15 pm

In this joint BILA and IIL lecture Melissa Collett will talk about the meaning of professionalism, ethics and duty of care in the context of insurance, and how to put professionalism into practice. She will also explain the professional body’s role in raising standards of professionalism across the insurance sector.

Professionalism is vital to building public trust in insurance. Professionalism is not just about following regulator’s rules and regulations. It’s about creating the right culture and ethical standards. Breaking down professionalism into three key elements: competence, ethics and duty of care, can help put professionalism into practice. The Chartered Insurance Institute is here to help insurance professionals on their journey.

By the end of this lecture members would have gained an insight into:

  • The 3 key elements of professionalism for insurance professionals
  • How to put professionalism into practice
  • The professional body’s role in raising standards across the sector

Speakers Bio:
Melissa joined the CII in September 2017, leading its professional standards, ethics and conduct activity. She is also responsible for its legal affairs and risk management. She brings significant insurance and legal experience to the role, having spent over a decade as Senior Ombudsman at the Financial Ombudsman Service, as a Director of Fairer Finance, and as a Tribunal Judge.

A medley of cases about building defects. Where does the risk lie?
16/02/2018 / 1:00 pm

Paul Darling OBE QC has established a formidable reputation as an advocate in all types and levels of tribunals all over the world. He specialises in complex cases which feature multiple parties, large teams, and high volumes of material, and is often brought in by clients at short notice, late in proceedings. An ability to work with colleagues from any jurisdiction, and to grasp detail, strategy, and tactics quickly has allowed Paul to develop a practice which has taken him to every major jurisdiction, appearing in a wide variety of construction, energy, and commercial matters.

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