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What is BILA?

BILA is a unique organisation, its membership being drawn from insurers, insurance brokers and other intermediaries, academic lawyers, solicitors and barristers. 

In addition to UK members, there are many from all over the world. BILA is not only a domestic organisation, it is also the British Chapter of Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances (AIDA) and is an active participant in all the activities of AIDA including its quadrennial world congress.


The vicarious liability of Local Authorities – where does the law now draw the line?

16 September 2019

What is AIDA?

BILA is the UK National Chapter of the Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances (AIDA), a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1960 with the aim, through international collaboration, of promoting knowledge of international and national insurance law and related matters of interest.

BILA is the UK National Section of AIDA and an active national member of AIDA Europe.

The BILA Journal

The BILA Journal (“Journal”) is the official journal of the Association. The Journal was first launched in 1964 and has been published regularly since then.

Latest news

11/10/2019 – AGM

11/10/2019 – AGM

Notice is given that the date for the BILA AGM will be 11/10/2019

2 July 2019 – New AIDA Website Launch – www.aidainsurance.org

2 July 2019 – New AIDA Website Launch – www.aidainsurance.org

AIDA is delighted to announce the launch today of a new website with a new AIDA website address where you will discover more information about AIDA, AIDA Europe and AIDA’s numerous constituent entities, (25 Working Parties, 48 National Sections, 6 affiliated ARIAS...

Houseman’s Law of Life Assurance

"If you're involved in the life assurance industry or a legal practitioner with life assurance clients, this book should prove to be essential to your practice... The authors have certainly placed their wealth of experience in life assurance law at your fingertips-...

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