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Article Prize

BILA offers an annual article prize, which is aimed at motivating newcomers to BILA:

The rules for the prize are as follows:

  •  To be awarded by the BILA Committee at the same time as the BILA Book Prize (in the Autumn),
  • All articles published in BILA Journal since the award of the last prize to be considered.
  • To qualify, an article must have been written by an author who is not a member of the BILA Committee, or any BILA sub-committee, and who has not previously written for the Journal or been a speaker at a BILA event.
  • No application is necessary: all qualifying articles will be considered. 

The proposed successful author will be contacted in advance to check whether he or she accepts the prize

The Committee in its absolute discretion may decide that the prize shall not be awarded in any year.  The decision of the Committee on any matter relating to the prize shall be final. 

2020 BILA Journal Article Prize Winner

The winner of the 2020 BILA Journal Article Prize was announced following BILA’s first ever virtual Annual General Meeting on 22nd October 2020.  In his prize-winning article, Felix Boon comments on the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018 highlighting the merits and shortcomings of this piece of legislation – a fascinating critique that flags up the importance of drafting laws with an eye to the wider legal context.

We will of course be pleased to send Felix a limited edition BILA pen and certificate evidencing the award of the prize.

The winner is:

BILA Article Prize: 2020 Winner

2020 BILA Journal Article Prize Winner
‘Two Bites of a Peculiar Cherry’

by Felix Boon
Published in issue No 133 of the BILA Journal