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BILA offers an annual article prize, which is aimed at motivating newcomers to BILA:

The rules for the prize are as follows:

  •  To be awarded by the BILA Committee at the same time as the BILA Book Prize (in the Autumn),
  • All articles published in BILA Journal since the award of the last prize to be considered.
  • To qualify, an article must have been written by an author who is not a member of the BILA Committee, or any BILA sub-committee, and who has not previously written for the Journal or been a speaker at a BILA event.
  • No application is necessary: all qualifying articles will be considered.

The proposed successful author will be contacted in advance to check whether he or she accepts the prize

The Committee in its absolute discretion may decide that the prize shall not be awarded in any year.  The decision of the Committee on any matter relating to the prize shall be final. 

2023 BILA Journal Article Prize Winner

At a prize-giving ceremony on 15th November 2023, Professor Miriam Goldby, BILA’s Journal Editor was pleased to award the 2023 BILA Journal Article Prize to Lucas Nascimento for his prize-winning article, “Ransomware and Cyber Insurance: delving into the legality issue”.  The article is published in issue No. 135 (2023) of the BILA Journal.

In awarding the prize, Professor Goldby said:

“We published some excellent research papers this year’s issue: they were all rigorously researched and all made an original contribution to knowledge and understanding of the interface between the business of insurance and the law. It was not easy to choose a winner. We chose Lucas Nascimento’s article because we considered it to be the one amongst them of greatest current interest, in light of the difficulties and challenges the industry faces in insuring cyber risk within an evolving legal framework.”

The Winner is :

BILA Article Prize: 2023 Winner

2023 BILA Journal Article Prize Winner
Ransomware and Cyber Insurance: delving into the legality issue by Lucas Nascimento

Published in issue No 135 of the BILA Journal

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