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Topic A Guide to the Solvency II Balance Sheet: The law, rules and practice relating to the management of the assets and liabilities of insurers under Solvency II
Speakers Steven McEwan

Date / time
1:00 pm

Steven McEwan primarily advises insurers, re-insurers, pension schemes and banks.  His practice is both advisory and transactional in nature, and frequently the two aspects are intertwined as the transactions that he works on often require regulatory approval.  His recent experience has involved a significant amount of advice to insurers on their preparation for the implementation of Solvency II. He has worked extensively with insurers, pension scheme trustees and re-insurers on pension de-risking transactions, both in the form of bulk annuity (buy-in) contracts and in the form of longevity insurance, reinsurance and derivatives.

Steven will cover: 

  • Key components of the Solvency II balance sheet
  • The asset side: rules on investments
  • The liability side: technical provisions and capital requirements
  • The Brexit question: what might be different following the referendum vote to leave the EU?

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