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Apply for membership

BILA’s subscription year is 1st March to 28th/29th February. If you are joining between 1st June and 28th/29th February, you will pay a reduced membership fee for the time you join until the next 28th/29th February.

Upon receiving your membership application and payment of your initial subscription, we provide you with immediate access to member benefits. However, your application is subject to approval by BILA’s Committee. If the Committee does not approve your application:
(a) we shall repay your subscription and stop your access to member benefits; and
(b) we shall inform you within six weeks of your application (or, if your application is received in July, within ten weeks) that the Committee has not approved your application;  otherwise, you may assume that your application has been approved.

Membership Renewal

All subscriptions renew automatically on 1st March each year unless notice of cancellation is received in writing to office@bila.org.uk.


Full rate Pro Rata Rate Joining between:
March-May Jun-Aug Sept-Nov Dec-Feb
Student £45 £45 £34 £23 £11
Individual £100 £100 £75 £50 £25
Corporate, 5 seats £400 £400 £300 £200 £100
Corporate, 10 seats £600 £600 £450 £300 £150
Corporate, 15 seats £750 £750 £563 £375 £188
Corporate, 20 seats £820 £820 £615 £410 £205
Corporate, 40 seats £950 £950 £713 £475 £238

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