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Torben Bondrop of Plesner, Copenhagen, will deliver a lecture concerning the Danish tobacco litigation on 20 February 2014 :

  • Product liability for smoking-related damage outside the EU directive
  • The concept of dependence, addiction or habituation
  • The question of causality
  • The state of the art defence (“system damage” in Scandinavia) within product liability
  • Declarations of tar and nicotine – are they misleading?
  • The EU Directive on product liability and claims for damages caused by cigarette smoking
  • Is there room for a next case in Scandinavia on alcohol-related health damage?

Torben Bondrop specialises in general insurance and tort law.  In addition to traditional insurance law, Torben focuses on consultants’ liability, product liability, D&O liability, general commercial liability and reinsurance.  He is highly experienced in litigation and arbitration proceedings in those areas.

Torben Bondrop is a highly experienced litigator and he therefore conducts litigation and arbitrations in other areas of law too.  He is at the time of writing handling two Supreme Court cases and has won his 13 most recent cases before the Danish Supreme Court.  


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