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Issue Number: 127
Publication date: 30/11/-0001

Jay Gajjar: The Doctrine of Insurable Interest in Life Insurance: A Fling of the Past or Till Death Do Us Part?

Lord Clarke of Stone-cum-Ebony: What Shall We Do About Fraudulent Claims?

Meixian Song: Is Negligence a Cause of Loss In Marine Insurance?

Julian Miller and Barnaby Yates: The Nature of Brokers (Continuing) Duties in Reinsurance

Wang Feng: Illegal Performance of Marine Insurance Contracts

Christoph Appel: Germany: Minimum Requirements to the Complaints Treatment by Insurance Undertakings

Jesse Crozier: What Price Success: AstraZeneca in the Court of Appeal

Steven Levitsky: “Don’t Tread on Me” – Insurance Companies and the US Antitrust Laws

Dr Mahfuz Mahfuz: Insurable Interest in Takaful and Application in the UK and Australia

Dr Zhen Jing: Electronic Transaction of Insurance Business

Professor Hector MacQueen: Insurance and Scottish Independence

Patrick Layden QC: How Might Other Member States React to an Independent Scotland’s Application to Join the EU

Harry Wright: The Insurance Bill

Becket McGrath, Dorothy Livingston, Trupti Reddy and David Bennett: Implications of the Revised Criminal Cartel Offence for the Insurance Sector

Alan Weir: Fast Track Re/insurance Arbitration for the 21st Century

Nicholas Broomfield: BILA Colloquium – Insurance Fraud

William Clerk: BILA Colloquium – European Insurance Contract Law

Kevin Lazarus and James Walmsley: BILA Colloquium – Regulation

Lord Justice Aikens: The Contribution of Insurance to British Economic and Social History

Book Review: Julian Burling – Lloyd’s Law and Practice

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