About AIDA and BILA’s role:

BILA is the UK National Chapter of the Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances (AIDA), a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1960 with the aim, through international collaboration, of promoting knowledge of international and national insurance law and related matters of interest.

AIDA now has Chapters in nearly 60 countries, two regional groupings - CILA (its Spanish, South and Central American regional grouping) and AIDA Europe (its European grouping) and affiliated chapters in the form of ARIAS (AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Societies) entities which afford arbitration services across Europe, the Americas and beyond.

BILA is presently the second largest in terms of membership of all of AIDA’s National Chapters, which through AIDA can draw on the combined experience and resources of a total of approximately 10,000 people around the world involved with insurance in a variety of capacities.

A full list of AIDA Chapters, as well as information about news, forthcoming colloquia, national congresses and other activities, can be found on the AIDA website: www.aida.org.uk 

AIDA holds World Congresses in different host countries every four years – in 2014 its XIVth World Congress was held in Rome. Other events and activities take place more regularly of its regional groupings, its national sections and of its (presently 13) dedicated working parties, addressing discrete issues of concern on a cross-border basis.

BILA and its members have continued to play a prominent role in AIDA’s affairs over the years. BILA has had a representative on the AIDA Presidential Council since 1964. Former BILA President, John Butler served an eight-year term as AIDA President; Professor Rob Merkin, currently BILA Journal Editor, is also now one of five AIDA Vice-Presidents and three executive members from the UK among the AIDA Presidential Council, the others being Colin Croly, who is Chairman of AIDA Europe, Chairman of the AIDA Reinsurance Working Party and AIDA Secretary-General and Tim Hardy, a BILA Vice President, currently serving as Chairman of the AIDA Climate Change Working Party, AIDA Assistant Secretary-General and Treasurer of AIDA Europe. BILA Chairman, Michael Mendelowitz and John Butler are honorary members of the AIDA Presidential Council. BILA Committee member, Dr Caroline Bell also serves on the AIDA Europe Scientific Council. BILA further hosted the VIth AIDA World Congress in 1982 and co-hosted the IVth AIDA Europe Conference in 2012.

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