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As colleagues in their many hundreds across the national associations making up AIDA and their Regional Grouping counterparts (CILA and AIDA Europe) are in daily contact with one another via all forms of communication platforms during the Covid-19 lockdown, AIDA has celebrated its 60th Anniversary.

On 28 April 1960 – just 16 founders of AIDA convened in Luxembourg to found the association. Little perhaps did they realise quite how exponentially their idea would grow and into so many parts of the world. For further information about those early years – see AIDA History.

AIDA World’s President, Peggy Sharon, took the opportunity to extend a greeting to all associated with AIDA and to pay tribute to those upon whose work, current and future plans are based:

“On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of AIDA World, I would like to extend my greetings to all AIDA members, supporters and friends!
AIDA was founded by people with a vision of developing the knowledge of Insurance Law with the collaboration of national associations all over the world.
We, at AIDA World today, are devoted to continue, strengthen and expand our Association with a spirit of friendship and co-operation in the light of this vision!
I would like to greet and thank all past Honorary Presidents, Secretary Generals, Presidential Council members, Honorary Working Parties’ Chairs and all past members that have contributed to the success of AIDA during the past decades!”