News Law in the 21st Century Satellite Technology & The Use of Visual Technologies in US Courtrooms

Law in the 21st Century Satellite Technology & The Use of Visual Technologies in US Courtrooms

Visual presentation technologies have been changing the manner in which evidence and documents are presented to judges and juries across the United States. It too changes the methods by which we collect and evaluate data.  
•    See a visual presentation and talk on the use of satellite technology and other intelligence gathering methods along with machine learning/AI for the benefit of the insurance industry from underwriting of policies, to the handling of claims, and evaluation of risk.
•    Watch as defense trial attorneys illustrate how an iPad connected to an Apple TV and projector can be utilized to present key documents, zoom in on Google Earth scene images, and show brief video deposition clips from a hypothetical case to enhance the power of persuasion and make the presentation more memorable to the decision makers. 
•    See how an expert witness is brought into the Old Library "courtroom" live via Skype technology to present testimony and a visual reconstruction of the cause of the accident. Using expanded diagrams and 3D animation, this more efficient and effective presentation leaves a lasting impression on judges and juries alike. 
When: May 7, 2019
Where: The Old Library at Lloyd's 
Time: 2:30PM to 5:00PM; 
•    Reception & refreshments to follow until 6:30PM
•    Informal dine around thereafter
•    Lloyd's/London Market Attendees: Complimentary
•    US and International Attorneys: $200
Hosted by: Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel; AIDA-US and the Association of Defence Trial Attorneys


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Danielle Scott:


Our counterparts, AIDA US, the newly-reformulated US National Chapter of AIDA, are joining forces with the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel and the Association of Defense Trial Attorneys to stage a Half-Day Conference in the Old Library at Lloyd’s on the afternoon of Tuesday 7 May 2019 starting at 2.30pm. We are bringing this to your notice because the BILA Committee thought that this topic was likely to be of interest not just to those with direct experience of US Courtrooms, but also instructive about the potential for the adoption of technology in courtrooms and other fora for dispute resolution in other jurisdictions, too.

Registration is NOT being arranged by the BILA Secretariat, but via the links supplied in the attached details of the event. As you will note, complimentary places are available, subject to demand, to all who are employed by Lloyd’s or other London Market entities.

published on 13th Mar 2019